High Heels, Legwarmers, Bikini Pants – Yes Its Prince.

On this day in 1984 the person that used to like to be known as an artist who once had a name before going a bit strange released a successful album.  Purple Rain was the first album that acknowledged the band and called them the Revolution and supported the film.

Why the band was acknowledged on the album as prince played the vast majority of the parts on the album and the band was only ever a touring band I do not know, and could hardly care less to be truthful. Oddly this album was voted number 72 in the Rolling Stone list of top 100 albums.  The album supporteed the film of the same name and both made suiddilians of dollars, so someone liked it…… but not me.

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EC beats Kiss hands down

EC sold 100 of his guitars to raise money for his drug rehab clinic on this day in 1999.  He raised almost $5,000,000

Kiss sold off some of their memorabilia on this day a year later in 2000.  They raised $876,000. (first day of a 2 day sale).

I am no fan of EC but surely this does illustrate the gap between where he stands in popular culture and Gene Simmons’ position.

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So Rock and Roll Alice!

I once read an interview with Iggy Pop in which he claimed that he invented diving into the audience at rock concerts and then surfing the crowd.  The thing is, the first time he tried it (in the heat of the moment all adrenalin and stuff) the crowd moved away so that he did not land on them…..  You would think that having tried it once with that result you would not try it again.

Anyway on this day in 1975 Alice Cooper fell off the stage in Vancouver ( not claiming to have started the draze)  whereas Iggy just dented his ego when he did it Alice broke 6 ribs.  Now, given Alice’s shows wouldn’t have expected him to carry on with the tour?  Nah, he cancelled several dates after this fall.

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Born Today

Madeline Bell (Excellent singer)

Blair Thornton (Bachman Turner Overated)

Phil Stutt (Self opinionated oaf)

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I’d rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy. – Tom Waits

Always clever, always entertaining and thought provoking.

Two for the price of one! The version you may remember from an advert was the want to be opera singer Screaming Jay Hawkins…

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Departed on this Day

Judy Garland died on this day in 1999 while Fredastaire died on this day 2 years earlier.

OK so are you asking whether JG & FA are really “real rock” people?  Too right they are.  FA was obsessed with perfection but what made him real rock was his refusal to treat the audience as dummies.

As for JG  she lived the rock’n’roll life before R’n’R.

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“There’s only forty people in the world and five of them are hamburgers”

Capt Beefheart, ‘Nuff said.

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On this day – Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen released in the UK

1977, The Sex Pistols released a song to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (God bless her, guv – Some Americans seem to think we all talk like Dick Van Dyke, for some reason). Apparently, the establishment did not get the reference within the song. “God save the queen, She ain’t no human being, And there’s no future, In England’s dreaming” Is quite obviously a good natured, typically British ironic comment.

150,000 of us got it and bought the single within a week.

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ON This Day – Brittain Needs A Fascist Dictator! David Bowie

On this day in 1976 Bowie gave an interview in which he said that Britain would benefit from having a dictator and that he would be good at it. He also said that Hitler was the first rock star and that Hitler drew more fans than Jagger. Then there were the stories about his Nazi salute, the detention of Bowie’s train (yes he had a train) as it crossed between Russia and Poland. Lots of Nazi memorabilia, books, etc. were confiscated.

So what was it with Bowie at the time?

Bowie had been interested in Buddhism for some time (yes, this is relevant, honest). From there he moved (descended?) into an interest in the Occult, accompanied by an ever growing consumption of cocaine.

From a general interest in the occult came painting mystic symbols on the walls of his house, burning candles, and reciting rites to protect him from the evil ones who were trying to get to him. He also began to retain his hair and nail clippings and urine in bottles in the fridge so that they could not be used in magic rituals against him. In other words serious chemical induced paranoia.

From there he became aware that the Nazis were heavily involved in the occult. (The idea that they hunted the Ark of the Covenant is not just an invention of the Indiana Jones film’s writer). It is this interest in the occult that drew him towards the Nazi symbolism. It is even possible that he got to Nazi symbols via an interest in the Kabala.

The quotes ? Not quite as they were reported at the time, it would seem, Yes he said that Britain would benefit from a dictator, a socialist none not a fascist one, he also said that he thought that he would be quite good at the job………. Hitler the first rock star? If you think of Hitler in the terms of the public rallies and adoration of the crowds, then yes, you could make some sort of comparison. However, you really have to be off your head on something to think that comparing Hitler with anything other than the spawn of the devil is a good idea.

So there you have it, paranoia, caused by ingesting the whole of Columbia’s export trade on his own, and spiralling interest in the occult, combined to encourage Bowie to make some outrageous comments and act as a cretin.

Mind you there were some upsides for Bowie. It would seem that the comments broke just before the Bowie tour reached England. Ticket sales were poor before the comments, sold out afterwards. Remember, he had previous for playing the media. There was the Hunky Dory tour, poor sales up until the “I’m Gay” interview in the music press and, hey presto!, tickets sales soar.

So, what is the truth? Probably, drugs and a descent into paranoia. If you do not inhabit your brain for a length of time you are likely to do some strange stuff.

As for the Nazi salute. I saw the clip some time ago and went to look at it again but it has been taken down on YouTube. However, there is an equally shocking clip featuring a Nazi salute by Ringo! (Or he may just be waving to his fan).

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On This Day – Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You The Nerk Twins!

On this day in 1960 The Nerk Twins played a couple of gigs at the Fox and Hounds in Caversham.  As these were the only bookings fulfilled by the Nerk Twins that in itself would merit an ‘On This Day’ mention,  the more so that the location was the world famous Fox and Hounds.

However, the reason why there is some interest in the Nerk Twins was that they later became part of a local pub band called the Beatles.  After the artistic peak of playing to 3 people in Paul’s cousin’s pub Paul and John took the almost precedented step of turning their  back on fame for the obscurity of rock band mediocracy.

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