A New One From Jacko, Old Ones From The Beatles

A new single from Michael Jackson will be released on 12th October. Whether it would have been released if he was still alive I do not know.

In the last week the Beatles sold 2.5 million (remastered) albums in the US, UK, and Japan. A spokes person for EMI said “Beatlemania has returned, with fans new and old embracing these beautiful albums in their re-mastered and re-packaged forms. By putting the needs and desires of consumers first, the band are breaking new records around the world more than four decades after they first started recording. All of us at EMI Music are very proud to have been a part of this exciting project and to have delivered an insightful and globally executed marketing plan.”

So what it boils down to is this. MJ will have a song released that may not have seen the light of day if he was alive and the Beatles are topping the charts after 40 years. What does that say about the state of modern pop music?

BTW, don’t you just love the way that EMI were acting altruistically in releasing the remastered albums. They were “putting the needs and desires of consumers first”. If only the rest of the music business shared the same selfless motivation……

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2 Responses to A New One From Jacko, Old Ones From The Beatles

  1. Juan Batista says:

    He will be missed greatly. And yes, I do believe that people are nostalgic, and that’s why sales are booming.

  2. Phil says:

    Juan, You are, of course right, he will be missed by many people. I just find it a bit sad that many would not have bought, and enjoyed his music if he were still alive.

    I also find the commercialism of music sad. However, without that commercialism those outside the USA would not have heard of Jacko in the first place….