Michael Jackson Why Wait Till He’s Dead ? (part 2)

I touched on this in a previous post.

It now seems that Michael Jackson has sold 2.3 million albums in the last 2 weeks, in thew States alone.  Good news for the owners of the state. (Expect more legal wrangling).  My question remains the same, why now?  Are we so stupid that we forget about music we love until someone dies and then when faced with the publicity we all rush to the shops?  Apparently so.

Michael Jackson with his hair on fire.

Michael Jackson with his hair on fire.

On another tack video footage of MJ catching fire while filming a 1984 ad for Pepsi has become available.  Pepsi are not amused.  Speaking for Pepsi Nicole Bradley said “We don’t know how the footage became available. Twenty-five years later, we’d question why anyone would want to share such frightening images. It was a terrifying event that we’ll never forget. We were grateful for Michael’s recovery and for the chance to continue working with him on a number of successful projects.

“As for Michael as an artist, his music helped us define a generation and, like everyone else, we’re deeply saddened by his passing.”

Jackson had second and third degree burns after a pyrotechnique display went off early during the shoot.  Jackson was awarded $1.5 Million in damages, which he donated to the burns centre that treated him.

What else about Michael jackson this week?  The cost of policing and controlling traffic etc. at Michael Jackson’s memorial service is estimated to be $1.4 million.  The mayor of LA (Who’s name I have forgotten) says that the tax payer will pick up the cost.  Why?

If I was Michael’s doctor I would be worried.  There are unverified stories about liberal drug prescriptions.  14 years ago yesterday Elvis’ former physician, Dr George Nichopoulous lost his linense.  he was seen to be too liberal in his prescription policy over addictive drugs. Dr Nichopoulous was not impressed with the decision. He called it ‘idiotic’ and suggested that it had something to do with Presley’s death in 1977.

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