Oasis Split ! (again)

oasisNoel G has walked out of Oasis, this time for good, perhaps. In their time both Noel and Liam have left and returned to the Manchurian Beatle tribute band.

Oasis was formed in 1991. Originally the band was called The Rain but changed its name when Liam joined. Liam was inspired to rename the band after seeing a poster featuring The Oasis Swindon, a small music venue in Wiltshire, UK. How inspired.

The band was of limited musical ability with no finesse, but it was loud. Noel had been writing songs for some time but had no band. The answer was to put the two together. It would seem that Noel needed to be leader and sole writer if he was going to join and let them play his songs. (How old were they at the time 12?)

The rest as they say is history. That Oasis is not my favourite band is not a secret, from the Beatle-esque songs to the banal and boring rock and roll life of the principals they leave me cold. They were doomed in my eyes when they started out by copying a coke advert. They were sued by The New Seakers for plagiarism over Shakemaker. All the swaggering and posturing should be reserved for real rock gods, and the Gallaghers aint them.

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