On This Day – 1st July 1956 was a good day!

On this day in 1956 Elvis sang on the Steve Allen show, for $5,000 – which was a lot for Elvis at the time. He sang Hound Dog which he recorded the next day. Naturally, his appearance was criticized by the critics and adults. Let’s face it, our parents never got rock ‘n’ roll – what is even sadder is that when those kids grew up and were parents they did not get their kid’s music either.

Also on this day an 11 year old Brenda Lee AKA Little Miss Dynamite (accept no imitations) signed her first recording contract on this day. I have a bit of a soft spot for Brenda Lee, as did my dad – which is the reason why I do. On the other hand he also liked Kathy Kirby who I thought then, and still do, was rubbish – with a capital Rub…..

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