On This Day – Bobby Fuller, Murdered?

bobby fullerOn This day in 1966 Bobby Fuller was found dead in his car in Hollywood. He had committed suicide according to the police. The cause of death was inhalation of petrol fumes. In order to kill himself he had drenched himself in petrol and stuffed a petrol soaked rag in his mouth. Before that he had broken his finger and beaten himself up. Oh yes, after he had killed himself and his body went into rigor mortis he drove his car back to the car park outside his flat.

In other words the official cause of death is highly suspect.

There are many theories about what really happened. One is that he went to a LSD party, was killed in a fall and the body was arranged to resemble a suicide. Another theory is that Bobby was killed so that some of his business associates could collect on an insurance policy. Then there is a theory that BF had been dating a girl who had been going out with an extremely jealous man with gang connections and that she disappeared shortly after his death.

His family hired a private detective to investigate his death but he quit after being shot at and warned off. I doubt if anyone will ever know the truth.

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