On This Day – Jimi Hits London

On this day in 1966 Jimi Hendrix bplayed for the nfirst time in the UK. He got up on stage to jam with Cream while they were playing at the London Poly. The story is that Jimi’s playing scared the shit out of EC……………

Sadly is was 4 years to the day that Jimi was buried at The Greenwood Cemetery at the Dunlop Baptist Church Seattle. Among the mourners were Miles Davis, Eric Burdon, Johnny Winter and members of Derek and the Dominoes.

Those who the gods love they take early.

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  1. Can I ask if you happen to be from Sydney? You sound like an Ozzie :)

  2. I do not typically leave responses, however , actually do love your blog page – so many thanks for posting and also have a awesome morning