On This Day – One Hit, No Wonder Laurie!

On this day in 1958 Laurie London hit the number one spot in the USA with “He’s Got The Whole World n His Hands”.

It was the one and only time he troubled the top 100 in the states, or any else, much – although he might have been quite big in Germany….

Laurie was 13 when he recorded the dismally up beat, up tempo, get’s up your noseĀ  happy clappy record (I am not a fan).

Laurie was not our only successful young teen export to the USA about that time. Jackie Dennis wore a kilt and had spikey hair (is that where Axl got his look?). He was 14 when he recorded ‘La Dee Dah’.

Here’s Jackie at the ripe old age of 15 after he’s found out that boys wear trousers, not skirts…..

This is Laurie doing his best……

It seems that Laurie finally gave up hopes of a long term career in music (good choice) and owned and ran a hotel in the south of England before selling up and moving to London. Jackie is, apparently, a care worker and is happily married. If the comments on YouTube are anything to go by he is a bit of a character and well loved.

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