On This Day – Spencer Davis Group Split

Classic rock music

Classic rock music

On this day in 1969 The Spencer Davis Group announced through its management that it was splitting up.

Their first single was ‘Dimples’ a cover of John Lee Hooker’s classic.  Unfortunately for them it was released at about the time of John Lee’s original in the UK and overshadowed by it.

They are best remembered for ‘Gimme Some Loving’ released in November 1965 which became an instant classic, if such a thing is possible – surely being a classic requires the hindsight of time – anyway it has endured.  It is also notable for the maturity of Steve Winwood’s voice, he was 17 at the time!

Were they a seminal band? I don’t think so. Were they a very good band? Of course. ‘Gimme’ remains much loved, and guaranteed to get non dancing men of a certain age up and shaking their over large stuff at parties (works for me)……………

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