On This Day – Stones Bombed!

classic rock music

classic rock music

During he Exile on Main Street tour There was the usual madness, Forged tickets, riots, ticket-less fans trying to get in to venues (2000 in Detroit), drug arrests, the band being unable to book hotel rooms to their standard in Chicago (OK they did decamp to Hugh Hefner’s place, which ain’t too shabby a hang out).

The kicker though was in Montreal on 17th July 1972. A bomb went off under the equipment van. No injuries but the equipment inside the van was badly damaged. The show went on, after a riot by the 3,000 fans who had bought forged tickets. As far as I am aware, no one ever claimed responsibility for planting the bomb.

I think that this was the tour that Keef came up with his famous quotation “Heroin isn’t a problem, policemen are.”

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