On This Day – You Want to Call it What!?

grateful deadOn this day in 1971 The Grateful dead released their live masterpiece ‘Grateful Dead’. Originally the band wanted to call it ‘Skull Fuck’ (or ‘Starfuck’ if you read Rolling Stone) but the record company had a couple of objections to the idea. No idea why. The record went on to be their first to make the top 25 in the States.

2nd September 1971 was quite a day for the Dead. Their former drummer and manager Lenny Hart was arrested in San Diego on charges that he embezzled $70,000 from the band, although other estimates make that amount $155,000. He was arrested while baptizing people. He was calling himself Rev Lenny B Hart at the time. Whether or not he was ordained I do not know but have not come across anything to suggest that he was.

On a personal note I used to really like the Dead when I was younger. Then when CDs came out I went out, and as with lots of other bands I liked, I began to buy CDs to replace the Vinyl. Having bought some 15 or so CDs when I listened to them I was really disappointed they were not the band I remembered and so the CDs went onto the shelf, not to be played again. A few years later I began selling them on eBay. They went like hot cakes, particularly The Dick’s Picks series. Just as I was listing the last one I put it on the player. Inevitably I fell in love with the Dead again…… and began to re-buy the same CDs that I had sold. Story of my life.

Classic Dead from ’77

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