Ronnie and Mick to Meet

It would seem that the proposed Stones tour is still in danger of not going ahead because of fears for Ronnie Wood’s health.

As has been widely reported Ronnie has an alcohol problem and it is this that has cast a shadow over the proposed tour. Mick is, as we all know, heavily involved in the organisation and running of the tours. Micro managing them to a rediculous extent according to some reports from previous tours. In any event, he will want to be sure that Ronnie is up to it.

It should not be forgotten that they are also old friends and Mick must be concerned on a personal level. As for Ronnie 2009 has been a year that he must want to forget. He divorced his wife Jo towards the end of the year and moved in with his young girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova. Since then he has moved out after a disagreement outside a restaurant in Surrey, allegedly, resulted in him choking her (maybe it was an inept attempt at the Heimlich maneuver squeezing the throat rather than the abdomen).

The daily Express was told “Mick and Ronnie will talk things through in the New Year. They are old friends and Mick will obviously do everything he can to help him. But when it comes to the Stones, Mick has a real eye for detail and always ensures things run like clockwork. He’ll need to be convinced that Ronnie is still up to the job. Hopefully everything will work out, as it would break Ronnie’s heart if the Stones had to perform without him.”

Although there would be all the old jokes about locking up your grannies if the Stones do tour I would love to see them on the road, again. My caveat would be that they should strip down the shows. Forget the pyrotechnics, let the music light up the stage. Their best album for some time was ‘Stripped’ and that was a very simple affair. Were they to do that and go back to their blues roots I would be first in the queue for tickets.

From Stripped, this is classic.

The highlight from the album was this, Told yer that they were still good playing blues…..

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