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On This day – Cream Rises to The Top.

Tweet On this day in 1966, or as clsoe to today in 1966 as to not to matter, Cream came into existence. Formed by Eric Clapton (late of the Yardbirds and John Mayall) and Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce (both late of the Graham Bond organisation) Cream had a huge influence on popular music. In […]

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On This Day – The Who Take US By Storm (not really)

Tweet 1967 and The Who start their first US tour, supporting Herman’s Hermits! It is hard to believe that Herman’s Hermits once rivaled the Beatles as the UK’s biggest band.  Child actor Peter Noone (ex Coronation Street) was the lead singer and they had several large (and remarkably dreadful) hit singles. In 1967 The Who […]

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On This Day – John Denver

Tweet John Denver was charged with drunk driving in 1997.  On July13th the jury returned a hung verdict, they were evenly split. John Denver’s lawyers had argued that he had a thyroid condition that distorted the blood alcohol tests. A thyroid condition was known as ‘bad glands’ in my family from the time that my […]

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Little Feat’s Lowell George Died on this Day 1979

Tweet Lowell George died of a heart attack on this day in 1979. George founded Little Feat at the suggestion of Frank Zappa in 1969 after Zappa heard some of George’s songs. George was in the Mothers at the time and he took Roy Estrada Zappa’s bass player into Little Feat. The line up for […]

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That Brought a Smile to their Faces

Tweet What’s in a name?  The band Smile was just not cutting it, perhaps a new name? After much deliberation they decided on the new name and in 1970 gigged with it  for the first time.  Queen was the name, and it seemed to work for them – or it might have had more to […]

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Rocked Around the Clock

Tweet In 1955 on this day Decca Records (remember them?) announced that Billey Hailey had sold More than 3 million records, in just 13 months. These days, when new sensation follows new sensation, it would be unusual for the sale of a single to continue for so long, or to sell so many copies.  Formats […]

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EC beats Kiss hands down

Tweet EC sold 100 of his guitars to raise money for his drug rehab clinic on this day in 1999.  He raised almost $5,000,000 Kiss sold off some of their memorabilia on this day a year later in 2000.  They raised $876,000. (first day of a 2 day sale). I am no fan of EC […]

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On this day – Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen released in the UK

Tweet 1977, The Sex Pistols released a song to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (God bless her, guv – Some Americans seem to think we all talk like Dick Van Dyke, for some reason). Apparently, the establishment did not get the reference within the song. “God save the queen, She […]

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ON This Day – Brittain Needs A Fascist Dictator! David Bowie

Tweet On this day in 1976 Bowie gave an interview in which he said that Britain would benefit from having a dictator and that he would be good at it. He also said that Hitler was the first rock star and that Hitler drew more fans than Jagger. Then there were the stories about his […]

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On This Day – Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You The Nerk Twins!

Tweet On this day in 1960 The Nerk Twins played a couple of gigs at the Fox and Hounds in Caversham.  As these were the only bookings fulfilled by the Nerk Twins that in itself would merit an ‘On This Day’ mention,  the more so that the location was the world famous Fox and Hounds. […]

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