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Wreckless Eric

Tweet There is no real reason for posting this, other than I love it and it is great to see Ian Dury again. Remind me to tell you about the Wreckless Eric Appreciation Society some time………. Share on Facebook

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So What is it About Wreckless Eric?

Tweet Why does Wreckless Eric deserve a Facebook appreciation society any more than any musical artist? Is it because he has a great voice, hardly. Is it because he is a great guitarist that wrings all the emotions of your soul from six metal strings? Nope. Is it simply that he is still alive, some […]

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Wreckless Sunk by Starship

Tweet I was re-reading Wreckless Eric’s great book ‘A Dysfunctional Success’. He tells of how Stiff Records decided that he could not write tunes (I beg your pardon?) and so they brought in Martin Page and Brian Fairweather to help him out. This must be for Big Smash. It was a thoroughly dispirating experience for […]

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