The Don on Radio 4 Shock!

Imagine my surprise.  There I was lisyening to Desert Island discs on BBC Radio 4 yesterday.  The guest was the people’s poet Ian McMillan.  He was playing discs that reminded him of his mother ansd father, typical romantic slush that normal working class adults listened to in the 40s.  Then he said, almost hesitantly, that he wanted one song that he really liked, that his wife referred to as screaching cat music.  It was Don Van Vliet himself.  The wonderful Captain Beefheart!  More than that it was the enourmously fantastic Moonlight on Vermont (although the Beeb did not broadcast the drum intro which is the best 7 seconds of music ever recorded – I know, I am biased)

Respect to Radio 4.

Here’s a bit more Van Vliet (can’t resist)

And a bit of Frank, for no real reason….

And more………….

And Finally, probably, my Fave Frank song.

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