Hi, I’m Phil.  One time broadcaster with Ribble Valley Radio – no, you won’t have heard of it – this site started as a support for my show called, er, Real Rock and Blues.  It was a 3 hour, often much longer, show dedicated to Real Rock and Blues (what a surprise).  It featured people like Patti Smith, Lou Reed, George Thorogood, Wreckless Eric, Zappa, Beefheart and the blues greats.  It did not feature Celine Dion, boy bands, girl bands or any of the self preening pretenders who think that they produce real music.  Self opinionated? You bet.

I also run (in the loosest terms) a FaceBook group for Wreckless Eric. Called The Wreckless Eric Appreciation Society it is a group whose mission is to spread the word about one of the best talents that the UK has produced during the last 30 years.

One thing that I would like to do is to give dates for gigs for unsigned bands.  So let me know when you are playing and if you want a review send me a CD.

I live in the beautiful Ribble Valley in god’s county Lancashire in the UK with my long term partner, Jane, who puts up with too much for any one person.   I have all the usual vices, but desperately trying to give up smoking, with limited success so far…………..

Comments, suggestions and rants welcomed at Mail@realrockandblues.com

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