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Think Floyd – The Best Band Youv’e Never Seen

Tweet We went to see Think Pink at the weekend. It is a venue that is drawing better and better bands. (Gone are the God Squad days….)  In the recent past they have hosted the excellent Blockheads and the totally wonderful Wilko Johnson. Anyway, the set list was different from last year.  The newer stuff […]

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Eric Clapton Autobiography – A Review

Tweet I should point out before I begin that I am not EC’s biggest fan – I have never forgiven him for 461 Ocean Bvd. Having got that off my chest I must say that I enjoyed this book. It is well written with lots of insights and honesty (as far as anyone can tell). […]

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Not The Post It Is Supposed To Be!

Tweet I was going to write a post about the reissue of Maxinquay by Tricky from 1995. This in itself was a bit of a surprise as I am not into Hip Hop (or whatever the genre is called these days) however, I have kept a bit of a watching (listening) brief on Tricky. For […]

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Review – Really a ‘Must Have’ Reissue – REALLY

Tweet We have all read the publicity blurbs about this or that ‘must have ‘ reissue. Generally they are for second rate didn’t-make-it-first-time-may-make-it-this-time-anyway-it-was-gathering-dust-on-the-shelf albums. It is good, very good, to find one reissue of a real my-life-would-not-be-complete-without-it album. The Feelies were great. They came from New jersey and were called the best underground band in […]

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