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On This Day – I’m Not Dead, Honest.

Tweet On this day in 1969 Paul McCartney said officially that he was not dead, unless the statement was issued by William Campbell after the surgery. There had been persistent rumours that Paul had died in a car accident and that he had been replaced with a look-a-like called William Campbell. The story begins on […]

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On This day – Little Susie is Being Suggestive!

Tweet On this day in 1957 The Everley Brothers reached the top of the charts in the USA with “Wake Up Little Susie”.  That inspite of it being banned by some radio stations because of the suggestive lyrics. I have always said that it is a dirty little song, a threat to the morals of […]

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On This Day – John Lennon Born

Tweet John Winston Lennon joined this world today in 1940. As part of the Beatles he helped shape modern music writing some iconic songs. He worked for peace and against the Vietnam War. He was threatened with deportation from the USA by the Nixon administration, investigated by the FBI. He was murdered on 8th December […]

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On This Day – Sam Cooke Killed 11 December 1964

Tweet On this day, 11th December 1964 Sam Cooke, the popular R&B singer was shot dead and later a verdict of justifiable homicide was recorded. He was shot dead by Berth Franklin who was working late night reception at a $3 an hour hotel frequented by prostitutes. He was shot after attacking Franklin who feared […]

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On This Day – Carol Dryden Posts Herself, to The Beatles!

Tweet 14th June 1964.  A girl, Carol Dryden tried to post herself to The Beatles. (Luckily she did not suffer the same fate as Waldo Jeffers in The Gift by The Velvet Underground). Although there are plenty of references to the incident the details are vague.  The basic story is that a girl known as […]

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On This Day – Big Joe Turner Dies

Tweet On this day in 1985 Big Joe Turner died.  Sadly, he is little remembered today but he had a huge influence on the growth of Rock and Roll. Born in 1911 Turner performed from 1920 until 1980.  A Blues shouter he played with or on the same bill as many wonderful musicians such as […]

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On This Day – Blue Suede Shoes

Tweet On this day in 1955 one of the all time rock classics was recorded by Carl Perkins at Sun Records in Memphis. It later went on to reach number 2 in the US and number 10 in the UK. It has been covered by loads of artists including Elvis (also a Sun Recording artist) […]

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On This Day – Coz I Luv You

Tweet On this day in 1971 “Coz I Luv You” hit the number 1 spot in the UK. It was Slade’s first number one and was followed by another 5. Slade were a jobbing band in the West Midlands of the UK. After adopting a skinhead persona that was ill judged (skinheads had associations with […]

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On This Day – Johnny and The Moondogs

Tweet On this day in 1959 Johnny and The Moondogs played an audition for a talent show. Sadly they did not win. Why should we be bothered about a failed band? Simply because they later became The Silver Beetles, then The Silver Beats and eventually The Beatles. It seems that Lennon took names seriously as […]

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On This Day – Vince Martel Born

Tweet On This Day in 1945 Vince Martel was born. He was the lead guitar player in a proto hard rock band Vanilla Fudge who recorded “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. The Fudge, formed in 1966 by Mark Stein and Tim Bogert were originally called The Pigeons. (There must be a series of posts about […]

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