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On This Day – A Squid Eats Down Into a Polyethelene Bag

Tweet Yes, that’s right the Maskara Snake, on this day in 1941 the world of music saw the birth of a stone cold genius. The ZigZag Wanderer himself, Don Van Vliet, made his appearance in Glendale California. The old fart was playing and the mothership was flying when, 28, years later the best album ever […]

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On This Day – The Great Slim Harpo

Tweet On this day in 1924 one of the best blues performers ever was born. Slim Harpo was born James Moore in Lobdel, Louisiana and was the eldest in an orphaned family.  He worked as a longshoreman and builder during the 30s.  He began performing in Baton Rouge as Harmonica Slim.  Later he backed his […]

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On This Day – Elvis Lives !

Tweet Jan 8th was a significant day for Elvis, he was born on this day in 1935, Jan 8th 1945 he was given his first guitar, Jan 8th 1955 he released his 3rd single. Not too shabby. So January 8th was not a bad day for Elvis, or for us music lovers as it also […]

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On This Day – Stones In Harrow & The Beatles On US TV

Tweet On this day in 1964 two British bands were on the up. The Beatles made their first appearance on american TV. The Jack Paar Show aired film taken from a BBC film ‘The mersey Sound’ that showed the Fab Four playing ‘She Loves You’. Jack Paar was patronising and commented, negatively, on the Beatles’ […]

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On This Day – Dusty Deported! 15th December 1964

Tweet On this day, 15th December 1964, Dusty Springfield was deported from South Africa. Her crime was to insist on playing to mix race audience outside of Cape Town.  This angered the white apartheid government.  The evil regime had her put on a plane back to the UK. The regime was, regarded as legitimate by […]

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On This Day – Quite a week for The Beatles

Tweet In this week in this1961 The Beetles, still with Pete Best, had quite a week. On the 9th they played in Aldershot to just 18 people. Their then manager, Sam Bleach had forgotten to book any advert in the local paper….. Back in Liverpool, the next day – a trip of some notes350 miles […]

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On This Day – The Mancs Take Over TOTP

Tweet On This day in 1989 The Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses (both from Manchester) made their debuts on Top of the Pops. The Roses played “Fools Gold” and The Mondays “Hallelujah” (no not that Hallelujah). I was never a fan of Shaun Ryder and co and time has not mellowed my opinion………… Now […]

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On This Day – No Filth Here!

Tweet On this day in 1976 The Pistols were banned from Playing at Lancaster Poly in the UK.  A Lancaster council statement said “We don’t want that sort of filth (The Sex Pistols) in the town limits.” Two things occur to me, firstly, this was before the infamous Grundy interview in 1st December of the […]

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On This Day – Joe Hill Dies

Tweet On this day in 1915, Joe Hill was executed for a murder that he probably did not commit in Utah USA.  Joe Hill was an itinerant worker,and member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).  As a socialist he was an enemy of  The State.  (Remember in the USA to this day being […]

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On This Day – ‘We Built This City’ Hits #1 (despite being absolute crap)

Tweet On this day in 1985 Starship (ex Jefferson Starship, ex Jefferson Airplane, ex Airplane, ex Jefferson, ex Jefferson Steamboat, ex Jefferson Ric Shaw) made it to number 1 with an abomination. ‘We Built This City’ was written by Bernie Taupin (words smith for Elton John), Martin Page (ex Q-Feel), Dennis Lambert (ex Lambert and […]

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