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On This Day – Clashed With the Law?

Tweet On this day in 1979 (was it REALLY that long ago?) the Clash released their first single in the USA – “I fought the Law”.  The song was written in 1958 by Sonny Curtis who played in The Crickets (of Buddy Holly fame).  They recorded it in 1959 but the most famous version was by The […]

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On This Day – Led Zeppelin Play to Only 55 in the USA!

Tweet On this day in 1969 Led Zeppelin appeared at the Wheaton Youth Center, Wheaton, Illinois.  It was their first gig on their first North American tour. Reportedly, there were only 55 paying customers.  That would make it the smallest audience they ever played to!  From small acorns, etc.  Their fee?  $250. Although it was the […]

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On This Day – A Squid Eats Down Into a Polyethelene Bag

Tweet Yes, that’s right the Maskara Snake, on this day in 1941 the world of music saw the birth of a stone cold genius. The ZigZag Wanderer himself, Don Van Vliet, made his appearance in Glendale California. The old fart was playing and the mothership was flying when, 28, years later the best album ever […]

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On This Day – Max Sued

Tweet On this day in 1970 Max Yasgur who owned the farm where Woodstock was sued by neighbours for damages caused by the rampaging hippies. The suits either totaled $25,000 0r $35,000. Eventually, they were settled. The finances of ‘Woodstock Ventures’ are a bit murky but it seems that although it was planned as a […]

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On This Day – The First UK Band To Have a US Number 1

Tweet On this day, 22nd December 1962 a British band had the first ever US number 1. Who was it? It is one those irritating music trivia questions that most of us would get wrong. It was Telstar by The Tonados (known as The Tonadoes in the USA). They have another first to their name. […]

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On This Day – 17th December 2010 Captain Beefheart dies

Tweet On this day in 2010 CaptainBeefheart died after a long illness. He was most original, and best, artists to ever grace rock music. In many ways he epitomises what I mean when I talk about real rock music. Original, informed, unconventional, thoughtful and provoking. Rather than write the usual eulogy I have decided to […]

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On This Day – Dusty Deported! 15th December 1964

Tweet On this day, 15th December 1964, Dusty Springfield was deported from South Africa. Her crime was to insist on playing to mix race audience outside of Cape Town.  This angered the white apartheid government.  The evil regime had her put on a plane back to the UK. The regime was, regarded as legitimate by […]

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On This Day – Quite a week for The Beatles

Tweet In this week in this1961 The Beetles, still with Pete Best, had quite a week. On the 9th they played in Aldershot to just 18 people. Their then manager, Sam Bleach had forgotten to book any advert in the local paper….. Back in Liverpool, the next day – a trip of some notes350 miles […]

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On This Day – No Filth Here!

Tweet On this day in 1976 The Pistols were banned from Playing at Lancaster Poly in the UK.  A Lancaster council statement said “We don’t want that sort of filth (The Sex Pistols) in the town limits.” Two things occur to me, firstly, this was before the infamous Grundy interview in 1st December of the […]

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Born on This day – Tina Weymouth

Tweet Yes Tina ‘The Burp’ from Talking Heads was born on this day in 1950 (does not seem possible that she is older than me…..). A fine bass player who always exhibited the typical burp that many bass players display as they play.  She has produced the Happy Mondays, worked with The Gorillaz and others.  […]

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