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On This Day – Max Sued

Tweet On this day in 1970 Max Yasgur who owned the farm where Woodstock was sued by neighbours for damages caused by the rampaging hippies. The suits either totaled $25,000 0r $35,000. Eventually, they were settled. The finances of ‘Woodstock Ventures’ are a bit murky but it seems that although it was planned as a […]

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On This Day – Quite a week for The Beatles

Tweet In this week in this1961 The Beetles, still with Pete Best, had quite a week. On the 9th they played in Aldershot to just 18 people. Their then manager, Sam Bleach had forgotten to book any advert in the local paper….. Back in Liverpool, the next day – a trip of some notes350 miles […]

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Born on This day – Tina Weymouth

Tweet Yes Tina ‘The Burp’ from Talking Heads was born on this day in 1950 (does not seem possible that she is older than me…..). A fine bass player who always exhibited the typical burp that many bass players display as they play.  She has produced the Happy Mondays, worked with The Gorillaz and others.  […]

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Keef Hartley

Tweet My scheduled posts was not working a little while ago I fixed the bug and wrote a test post to make sure that it was working. In that test post I mentioned that I had lost a post about Keef Hartley.  I was surprised and pleased to see the number of people who had […]

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