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On This Day – Ashes to Ashes Jerry Garcia

Tweet On this day in 1996 some of Jerry Garcia’s ashes were scattered into the bay by the Golden Gate Bridges, San Francisco. The rest had been scattered into the Ganges river at Rishikesh on 4th April (Rishikesh being a holy place for hindus at the foot of the Himalayas and where the Ganges leaves […]

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The Stone Roses to Reform – You Heard it First Here!

Tweet In fact, you probably did not hear it here first, it is all over the media. Even in the Daily Mail (that well known organ obviously has its finger on the pulse of Yooth Kulture). That being inspite of a press conference being set for Tuesday 18th October to make “an announcement”. It now […]

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On This Day – Bob Crashes

Tweet On this day in 1966 Bob Dylan crashed his motorbike. Apparently he suffered serious neck injuries although their extent have never been fully confirmed. After the accident an ambulance was not called and was taken home in a car by his then wife Sara. The crash, the circumstances of which were not fully explained, did […]

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On This Day – Stagger Lee (Yet Again)

Tweet On this day in 1959 Lloyd Price reached number one in the States with “Stagger Lee”. “Stagger Lee” has been recorded many times under many names by many people. The song has been Bowderized, revised, chewed up and spat out by too many people to mention. Some of whom should have known better and […]

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On This Day – Dylan Storms New York, Nearly.

Tweet On this day in 1962 Dylan headlined his first concert in New York at Carnegie Chapter Hall. Tickets cost $2 each and the box office was not over run. Just 53 tickets were sold, apparently. Most of those watching his Bobness’s debut in New York were friends and he was paid $20. There is […]

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On This Day – Folkies Go Wild!!

Tweet On this day in 1965 the beards and sandals brigade at the Newport Folk Festival were very upset when Bob Dylan turned up backed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band with his new electric sound. He was heckled and booed, eventually leaving the stage. Later he returned to the stage to play a couple […]

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