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White Denim – Small and Mighty

Tweet Ever wondered the source of the music that goes with the Persil Small and Mighty ad pictured here? It is the best rock band in the world at the moment, the small and mighty White Denim. Share on Facebook

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The Stone Roses to Reform – You Heard it First Here!

Tweet In fact, you probably did not hear it here first, it is all over the media. Even in the Daily Mail (that well known organ obviously has its finger on the pulse of Yooth Kulture). That being inspite of a press conference being set for Tuesday 18th October to make “an announcement”. It now […]

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Carly wants to be Spanked!

Tweet This is an old rumour but I have just found out that this is true, Carly Simon wants to be spanked before she goes on stage! Stage fright is something I understand. I could not get up and play in front of people (maybe that is because of my profound lack of talent). I […]

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Kate Nash – Plagiarism or Homage to The Only Ones?

Tweet Am I the only one?  Kate Nash has a single out, or perhaps its some random tune from an album – I could not care less.  However, bits of Do-Wah-Doo have an uncanny resemblance to ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ by the Only Ones (which is, obviously the best single ever released, ever).  I just […]

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Small Faces Reunion (well, some of them anyway).

Tweet The Small Faces will reunite to play the Vintage Festival (Goodwood August 13th). There are likely to be more dates and a tour announced in the near future. Trouble is, it isn’t really The faces. It’s Some of them. Rod Stewart will not be there (too busy) he is going to be replaced by […]

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A Haddock? Oh No Take It Away!

Tweet I can’t believe this but apparently his gingerness, the one known as Mick “I am the best singer in the world” Hucknall is scared of Haddock. Tony Roebuck co-wrote ‘Fairground’ (apparently it was a hit) with the Ginger one – I have nothing against ginger people, just Hucknall – he sucks – revealed this […]

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So What is it About Wreckless Eric?

Tweet Why does Wreckless Eric deserve a Facebook appreciation society any more than any musical artist? Is it because he has a great voice, hardly. Is it because he is a great guitarist that wrings all the emotions of your soul from six metal strings? Nope. Is it simply that he is still alive, some […]

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It’s Official (sort of) Whitney is Crap!

Tweet So the long wait is over.  11 years since her last concerts in the UK and The Big Houston is back. Trouble is that the H was rubbish.  I was not there (of course) but from the reports; 15 minute costume changes Microphone and technical problems Out of Key The backing singers had to […]

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Wreckless Sunk by Starship

Tweet I was re-reading Wreckless Eric’s great book ‘A Dysfunctional Success’. He tells of how Stiff Records decided that he could not write tunes (I beg your pardon?) and so they brought in Martin Page and Brian Fairweather to help him out. This must be for Big Smash. It was a thoroughly dispirating experience for […]

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The Worst Best Albums – 1 Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)

Tweet One in a short series covering well known and popular albums that I can not stand…….. What is wrong with Rumours ? The first thing is that it is not Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood was and always will be the band with Peter Green, not a band without the man with the golden guitar. Yes, […]

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