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“There’s only forty people in the world and five of them are hamburgers”

Tweet Capt Beefheart, ‘Nuff said. Share on Facebook

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Patti Smith is Coming Back!

Tweet Patti Smith: ‘One of the few figures with a firm handle on the shaman-poet imperative.’ Patti is 65 and has released her 11th album. Banga has received great critical acclaim.  The Observer was particularly fulsome in its praise. “People often talk about music fandom as a secular religion, one of many founded in the […]

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The Don on Radio 4 Shock!

Tweet Imagine my surprise.  There I was lisyening to Desert Island discs on BBC Radio 4 yesterday.  The guest was the people’s poet Ian McMillan.  He was playing discs that reminded him of his mother ansd father, typical romantic slush that normal working class adults listened to in the 40s.  Then he said, almost hesitantly, […]

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White Demin – The Best Band in the World?

Tweet The  answer is obviously YES! I first heard that there was a band that sounded a bit like The Magic Captain, playing with tme signatures and such.  So I bought Workout Holiday.  Tremendous!  Just recieved ‘Fits’ and it just confirms my original decision.  Not the Magic Band, but Bloody Good! One thing that strikes […]

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Selling My Albums!

Tweet So, I still have 1,000 (ish) vinyl albums left. The other 6,000 were sold some years ago owing to a financial crisis (not on the scale of the recent monetary melt down, but not far short on a personal level). The man who bought them was very nice about it, very sympathetic, but at […]

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Michael Jackson – The Funeral, Court Judgements, It Just Goes On….

Tweet Michael Jackson was a great singer. His personal and financial lives were a mess. The wrangle over money continues. last week his father (Joe) lost his battle to get some money from the estate. He was also told that he could not challenge the executives named in Michael’s will. You will remember that Michael […]

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A New One From Jacko, Old Ones From The Beatles

Tweet A new single from Michael Jackson will be released on 12th October. Whether it would have been released if he was still alive I do not know. In the last week the Beatles sold 2.5 million (remastered) albums in the US, UK, and Japan. A spokes person for EMI said “Beatlemania has returned, with […]

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The Mercury Prize 2009

Tweet Well, once again the wrong artist won the Mercury prize. Not that I have anything against Speech Debelle it is just that Led Bib are wonderful. Here’s the list of Nominations. What do you think? The Nominees were; SPEECH DEBELLE – SPEECH THERAPY BAT FOR LASHES – TWO SUNS FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE – […]

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Beatlemania to Sweep The World! (again)

Tweet There is going to be a worldwide growth in fabness. Mop tops will be back in fashion and lovable Liverpudlian accents everywhere. At least according to the media including a simpering Sunday Times this week, the reason? The Beatles’ albums have been remastered and reissued together with a magnificent box set. The box set […]

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White Denim

Tweet I often read reviews of bands that refer to influences and there seems to be a settled list of arty influences claimed by most new bands with pretensions. That list includes Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Doors, The Beatles. I usually ignore that bit of the review. When I read […]

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