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Velvet Revolver, The last Fight.

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White Denim – Influences on Their Sleeves

Tweet As you may have gathered White Denim are The Best Band in the World, at least I think so. One of the things I like about them is that they wear their influences on their sleeves. Especially their love of the mighty Captain. Listen to this; About 2.43 there is that great break, heard […]

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Wreckless Eric

Tweet There is no real reason for posting this, other than I love it and it is great to see Ian Dury again. Remind me to tell you about the Wreckless Eric Appreciation Society some time………. Share on Facebook

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Captain Beefheart

Tweet In 1968 Captain Beefheart was taken to Cannes to play as part of the record company’s publicity push. It would appear that they had visions of The Captain and the Magic Band rivaling The Rolling Stones…. Anyway, here is a video of The Captain playing on the beach. I have been asked what is […]

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On This Day – Zeppelin’s Debut, Probably.

Tweet On this day in 1968 led Zeppelin played their first gig, probably.  There is some confusion due to the short time that the band called themselves ‘The New Yardbirds’.  Also, some internet sources quote the 15th October 1968 as being the first Zepp gig, but that appears to be an error.  Jimmy himself presented […]

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Michael Jackson, That ‘New’ song, A New ‘Duet’ With Janet, and His Kids…

Tweet The soap opera goes on. Janet is to release an unheard duet with Michael on her forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ album.  Little is known of the song other than it is called ‘Make me’ and was recorded in 2008.  Call me cynical but how can an unreleased song be part of a greatest hits album?  […]

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Beatlemania to Sweep The World! (again)

Tweet There is going to be a worldwide growth in fabness. Mop tops will be back in fashion and lovable Liverpudlian accents everywhere. At least according to the media including a simpering Sunday Times this week, the reason? The Beatles’ albums have been remastered and reissued together with a magnificent box set. The box set […]

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White Denim

Tweet I often read reviews of bands that refer to influences and there seems to be a settled list of arty influences claimed by most new bands with pretensions. That list includes Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Doors, The Beatles. I usually ignore that bit of the review. When I read […]

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On This Day – Jagger and Richards Appeal

Tweet On this day in 1967 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards appealed their convictions on drug charges following a raid the previous February. This saga began when a private party was raided by the police on 12 February at Keith’s house Redlands his mansion outside a little seaside town called West Wittering Sussex in the […]

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Sam Phillips Dies 30 July 2003

Tweet Sam Phillips did more than most to shape popular music in the 50s and 60s. As Owner and leading light of the mighty Sun Records he discovered or developed Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. Inpite of this roll call of talent it is easy to […]

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