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My Essential 100 Albums – 5 Trout Mask Replica Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

Tweet   Quite simply, this is the best rock album ever.  Less simply, it is not really a rock album.  It is a bluesy, rocky, multi faceted, arty, album that is difficult to pigeon hole.  The only easy description is that it is clearly the work of a genius.   By now I think that I […]

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My 100 Essential Albums

Tweet My 100 Essential Albums I like Desert Island Disks.  For those that do not know this radio show the premiss is very simple.  A celebrity is asked to choose just 8 tracks that they would take with them if they were to be marooned on a desert island.  Obviously, 8 tracks is a nonsense.  […]

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On This day – Little Susie is Being Suggestive!

Tweet On this day in 1957 The Everley Brothers reached the top of the charts in the USA with “Wake Up Little Susie”.  That inspite of it being banned by some radio stations because of the suggestive lyrics. I have always said that it is a dirty little song, a threat to the morals of […]

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My Essential 100 Best Albums

Tweet OR Days of Future Passed OR – Music in a Home In these days when we are all living longer more and more of us will be faced with be faced with spending our declining years in sheltered housing.  It goes without saying that most of our possessions will not be going to the […]

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Captain Beefheart

Tweet In 1968 Captain Beefheart was taken to Cannes to play as part of the record company’s publicity push. It would appear that they had visions of The Captain and the Magic Band rivaling The Rolling Stones…. Anyway, here is a video of The Captain playing on the beach. I have been asked what is […]

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On This Day – Frank You’re a Star, Well a Rock!

Tweet On this day in 1994 The International Astronomical Union named an asteroid after the much missed Frank Zappa who had died in December the previous year. The Scientific Stuff, Beyond Mars but before you get to Jupiter there should be another planet, but there isn’t. What there is a a pile of debris. Some […]

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