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On This Day, The Beatles First Real Recording Session, Or Perhaps NOT…………..

Tweet On This Day,  4th September, 1962, the Beatles entered EMI Studios at Abbey Road for the group’s first proper recording session Or perhaps not, according to your perspective. They were there to record two songs for their debut single. The band was John, Paul, George, and Ringo – Ringo is the key to the […]

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On This Day – Rolling Stones Riot!

Tweet On this day in 1964 The Rolling Stones played the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, UK and the show ended in a riot. In Response the council banned The Stones from ever playing there again. The Stones in 1964 was not the all conquering band that we all came to know and love a few […]

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The Dead’s Last Gig

Tweet On this day in 1995 The Grateful Dead gave their last concert before the death of Jerry Garcia at Chicago’s Soldier Field.  Jerry was dead a month later  of a heart attack.  He was staying ata drug rehab clinic at the time. Jerry Garcia was, for many, the heart of the band.  He was […]

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My 100 Essential Albums – 9 – George Thorogood and the Destroyers, GT&TD

Tweet  Thorogood is good! George Thorogood and the Destroyers Recorded in 1977 this was the first George Thorogood album.  Mainly blues covers with only two self penned songs it introduced me to the talent that is George Thorogood.  A love of blues shines through the playing.  It is one of those things, 10 bands can […]

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My 100 Essential Albums – 13 – Led Zeppelin, by Led Zeppelin

Tweet My 100 Essential Albums – Led Zeppelin the eponymous first album   Released in 1969 Led Zeppelin is album was recorded in 1968. It only took 36 hours of studio time to record which might have something to do the band paying for the studio time. The other reason it was quick to record […]

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My 100 Essential Albums – 6 – Transformer, Lou Reed

Tweet My first experience of Lou Reed’s music was courtesy of John Peel’s radio show.  Late at night on an old Bakelite radio while reading in bed, typical teenager stuff.  The first Velvet Underground track I heard was (I think) Heroin, but it could have been White Light.  In any event, I was sold. Following […]

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My Essential 100 Albums – 5 Trout Mask Replica Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

Tweet   Quite simply, this is the best rock album ever.  Less simply, it is not really a rock album.  It is a bluesy, rocky, multi faceted, arty, album that is difficult to pigeon hole.  The only easy description is that it is clearly the work of a genius.   By now I think that I […]

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My Essential 100 Albums – 4 – Music in a Dolls House, Family.

Tweet The first album by Family “Music in a Doll’s House” (1968) is a strange and wonderful thing. Roger Chapman is blessed with a distinctive, warbling voice. The band were all talented musicians including Ric Grech on bass and Jim King on sax being the most recognised. Family released this complexly orchestrated album in 1968 […]

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My Essential 100 Albums – number 3 – Horses by Patti Smith

Tweet Horses – Patti Smith (1975) This was The and Glorious (to use her official title) Patti Smith’s first album and was released in December 1975. This album rescued me from a life in which I thought that music was dying, if not dead. I was blown away by the power and majesty of what […]

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My Essential 100 Albums – 2 Gone Aint Gone Tim Fite (2006)

Tweet It is my quest here to establish those essential 100 CDs that I would save if the house is going up in flames. The first one to be saved is Strictly Personal by Captain Beefheart and His Magic band. That was an easy, easy choice. The second was equally easy. Gone Aint Gone by […]

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