My Essential 100 Albums – 2 Gone Aint Gone Tim Fite (2006)


It is my quest here to establish those essential 100 CDs that I would save if the house is going up in flames. The first one to be saved is Strictly Personal by Captain Beefheart and His Magic band.

That was an easy, easy choice. The second was equally easy.

Gone Aint Gone by Tim Fite (2006)

This was a chance find in 2006. There was a guy on eBay in the UK whose cousin was The Edge in U2. The Edge used to pass him lots of promo CDs that had been sent to U2. Whether that was the truth or not I have no way of knowing. This guy was selling them off at ridiculously low prices. I used to buy job lots of 20 at a time. There was a load of rubbish and some real gems. I came across bands that were new to me including the excellent PK-14, Twinemen, and The Transplants. There was also a promo copy of Horses by the great and glorious Patti Smith.

Amongst the piles of CDs was a promo copy of Gone Aint Gone. This is a wonderful CD.

Tim Fite is an interesting individual. An American multi instrumentalist he is hard to pigeon hole. His past releases have run the gamut from alternative rock, hip hop, indie with a bit of country thrown in. In other words, you do not know what you are going to get, which can be off putting for some. He produced one album that was railing against consumerism. Instead of trying to make money out of it (like so many others) he released “Over the Counter Culture” free on the web. (Damn good bloke in my view).

Gone Aint Gone was his first album and it was released on his (?) Anti- label. Although there are a couple of musicians on it the album is mainly sampled from $1 CDs that he picked up in used record shops. The result is an oddly wonderful album. I have seen it classified as Rock, or Folk, or Hip Hop. I don’t care, it is just sublime.

As for stand out tracks, there are 18 of them. “I hope Yer There”, “No Good Here”, “If I had a Cop Show” are among the best, but. For me the best track is the one featuring Paul Robeson “I Kept Singing”.

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