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On This Day – Elvis Lives !

Tweet Jan 8th was a significant day for Elvis, he was born on this day in 1935, Jan 8th 1945 he was given his first guitar, Jan 8th 1955 he released his 3rd single. Not too shabby. So January 8th was not a bad day for Elvis, or for us music lovers as it also […]

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On This Day – Bowie Makes it to US TV!

Tweet It seems strange now to think that it was not until this day in 1975 that Bowie made it to national US TV. He appeared on The Cher Show singing ‘Fame’. Looking back it is easy for us to think that Bowie’s rise to fame was easy and virtually instant but that is far […]

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ON This Day – Brittain Needs A Fascist Dictator! David Bowie

Tweet On this day in 1976 Bowie gave an interview in which he said that Britain would benefit from having a dictator and that he would be good at it. He also said that Hitler was the first rock star and that Hitler drew more fans than Jagger. Then there were the stories about his […]

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My 100 Essential Albums – 6 – Transformer, Lou Reed

Tweet My first experience of Lou Reed’s music was courtesy of John Peel’s radio show.  Late at night on an old Bakelite radio while reading in bed, typical teenager stuff.  The first Velvet Underground track I heard was (I think) Heroin, but it could have been White Light.  In any event, I was sold. Following […]

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On This Day – Tin Machine Play Cambridge

Tweet OK, not really a red letter day for Rock but on this day in 1991 Tin Machine played the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, UK. It was part of the It’s My Life tour and was the second version of Tin Machine (Eric Schermerhorn joined the band on guitar). Tin Machine was a strange animal. […]

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On This Day – Bowie Makes it to Network US TV!

Tweet On this day, in 1975, Bowie made it to US network TV for the first time! (Just why did it take so long for the yanks to catch up?) Anyway, the album that made it for him was “Young Americans” not one of his greatest (in my opinion) and one that marked another of […]

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On This Day 1969 – Bowie’s Oddity

Tweet Can you believe that it is 41 years, to the day that Space Oddity was released by Bowie? Neither can I, the rest as they say is history. Oh yes, this is the original version………….. Share on Facebook

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