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On This Day – The Byrds Play on Their Own Record!

Tweet On this day in 1965 The Byrds began recording “Turn! Turn! Turn!”. The main differenece between this recording and their first hit “Mr Tambourine Man” is that they all p[layed on the abysmal “Turn! Turn! Turn!”.  On their first single only Jim Guinn had played all the other instruments being played by session men.  […]

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My Essential 100 Albums – number 3 – Horses by Patti Smith

Tweet Horses – Patti Smith (1975) This was The and Glorious (to use her official title) Patti Smith’s first album and was released in December 1975. This album rescued me from a life in which I thought that music was dying, if not dead. I was blown away by the power and majesty of what […]

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My 100 Essential Albums

Tweet My 100 Essential Albums I like Desert Island Disks.  For those that do not know this radio show the premiss is very simple.  A celebrity is asked to choose just 8 tracks that they would take with them if they were to be marooned on a desert island.  Obviously, 8 tracks is a nonsense.  […]

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Patti Smith is Coming Back!

Tweet Patti Smith: ‘One of the few figures with a firm handle on the shaman-poet imperative.’ Patti is 65 and has released her 11th album. Banga has received great critical acclaim.  The Observer was particularly fulsome in its praise. “People often talk about music fandom as a secular religion, one of many founded in the […]

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On this Day – Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

Tweet On this day in 1955 Faron Young reached number one in the US C & W (it was called American Country at the time I think) charts with his Live fast, Love Hard, Die Young. (Covered unsuccessfully, by Eddie Cochran) To my ears there is something very odd and unsettling about this track. It […]

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Review – Really a ‘Must Have’ Reissue – REALLY

Tweet We have all read the publicity blurbs about this or that ‘must have ‘ reissue. Generally they are for second rate didn’t-make-it-first-time-may-make-it-this-time-anyway-it-was-gathering-dust-on-the-shelf albums. It is good, very good, to find one reissue of a real my-life-would-not-be-complete-without-it album. The Feelies were great. They came from New jersey and were called the best underground band in […]

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On This Day – The High Numbers Turned Down By EMI!

Tweet On this day in 1964 The High Numbers auditioned for EMI the UK record company, and were turned down.  One of the reasons they were turned down was that the record company wanted them to write more of their own material. Like many of the beat groups of the time the various members had […]

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