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My 100 Essential Albums – 12- Complete Recordings, Robert Johnson

Tweet My 100 Essential Albums number 12 The Complete Recordings by Robert Johnson This is, for me, one of my essential albums because it really shows what real blues was all about.  Robert Johnson was the archetypal blues man.  Born in 1911, his family was run out of town by some white businessmen, he was […]

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My 100 Essential Albums

Tweet My 100 Essential Albums I like Desert Island Disks.  For those that do not know this radio show the premiss is very simple.  A celebrity is asked to choose just 8 tracks that they would take with them if they were to be marooned on a desert island.  Obviously, 8 tracks is a nonsense.  […]

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My Essential 100 Albums

Tweet In these days when we are all living longer more and more of us will be faced with be faced with spending our declining years in sheltered housing.  It goes without saying that most of our possessions will not be going to the home with us.  There is not the room in sheltered housing […]

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On This day – 1814 was a Sexy Year

Tweet On this day in 1814 Adolphe Sax was born in Dinant in Wallonia, Belgium.  He was an instrument designer and maker.  What do you think he invented and patented? Just the sexiest instrument (apart from the electric guitar) in the world, that’s all.  He patented it on 28 June 1846.  Although feted by Hector […]

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On This Day – The Stones’ TV Debut & First Single

Tweet The Stones made their TV debut this day in 1963 on Thank Your Lucky Stars playing their first single C’mon. It may come a surprise to some of the younger readers that The Stones were once a rock and blues band playing blues covers. Their first album, imaginatively titled The Rolling Stones featured songs […]

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On This Day – Stagger Lee (Yet Again)

Tweet On this day in 1959 Lloyd Price reached number one in the States with “Stagger Lee”. “Stagger Lee” has been recorded many times under many names by many people. The song has been Bowderized, revised, chewed up and spat out by too many people to mention. Some of whom should have known better and […]

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Sam Phillips Dies 30 July 2003

Tweet Sam Phillips did more than most to shape popular music in the 50s and 60s. As Owner and leading light of the mighty Sun Records he discovered or developed Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. Inpite of this roll call of talent it is easy to […]

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Champion Jack Dupree

Tweet All things are connected, sort of. Yesterday I wrote about Keef Hartley because I had lost a post about him due to a problem with wordpress (too boring to explain fully, just stay with this). So last night I picked up Keef Hartley’s book Halfbreed opened it at random and started reading about Keef […]

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On This Day – 2nd July

Tweet Ralph Nader (serial presidential candidate, consumer champion, pain in the arse of car makers, general all round good guy in other words) warned us in 1969 that loud rock music would make us all go deaf. I SAID THAT LOUD ROCK MUSIC WOULD MAKE US ALL GO DEAF….. I so want this to be […]

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Hello world!

Tweet A new blog, but not a new site, this is Real Rock and Blues.  Originally the site supported a radio programme I did for a community radio station, with the play lists and links to good bands etc. The station died, lack of funds and too many egos…….. and so did the site. But […]

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