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John Henry Hammond

Tweet John Hammond died on this day in 1987. JH was one of those people who were enormously influencial but often overlooked.  Often given credit where it was not deserved but denied the credit that was due to him. John Hammond was a record producer rather than a talent scout.  Back in the early ’30s […]

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Departed on this Day

Tweet Judy Garland died on this day in 1999 while Fredastaire died on this day 2 years earlier. OK so are you asking whether JG & FA are really “real rock” people?  Too right they are.  FA was obsessed with perfection but what made him real rock was his refusal to treat the audience as […]

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Michael Jackson Why Wait ’till he’s Dead?

Tweet That MJ was a tremendous recording artist is beyond doubt, although popularity does not guarantee quality – just remember the Spice Girls phenomena. What really annoys me is that lots of people are going out and buying MJ records. Let me explain that a bit better. It is not that people are buying his […]

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