On This Day – 17th December 2010 Captain Beefheart dies

On this day in 2010 CaptainBeefheart died after a long illness. He was most original, and best, artists to ever grace rock music. In many ways he epitomises what I mean when I talk about real rock music. Original, informed, unconventional, thoughtful and provoking.

Rather than write the usual eulogy I have decided to give you a couple of may favourite Beefheart quotes, in no particular order;

They can catch a straight line, but they can’t catch a circle. I don’t work in straight lines.”

It was a very ecological album. I was just trying to eke out a little logic.” About Safe as Milk

“Garland likes Lightnin’ Hopkins but he has too much ego to listen to my music. If I’m listening to my music while I paint and Garland walks up I have to turn off the music or he won’t come in the room” This about fiscal Garland (It is good to know that The Magic Captain named his cat after one of Bristol City’s best ever players, Chris Garland – or then, maybe he didn’t ..

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