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On This Day – 17th December 2010 Captain Beefheart dies

Tweet On this day in 2010 CaptainBeefheart died after a long illness. He was most original, and best, artists to ever grace rock music. In many ways he epitomises what I mean when I talk about real rock music. Original, informed, unconventional, thoughtful and provoking. Rather than write the usual eulogy I have decided to […]

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My Essential 100 Best Albums – The First One! – Strictly Personal – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. (1968)

Tweet  The idea behind this list is for me to say which essential 100 best albums I will take with me when I have to go to live in an old folks’ home (not that I am anticipating that in the near future).  The prospect of paring my CDs down to just 100 essential albums […]

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