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Champion Jack Dupree

Tweet All things are connected, sort of. Yesterday I wrote about Keef Hartley because I had lost a post about him due to a problem with wordpress (too boring to explain fully, just stay with this). So last night I picked up Keef Hartley’s book Halfbreed opened it at random and started reading about Keef […]

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On This Day – 2nd July

Tweet Ralph Nader (serial presidential candidate, consumer champion, pain in the arse of car makers, general all round good guy in other words) warned us in 1969 that loud rock music would make us all go deaf. I SAID THAT LOUD ROCK MUSIC WOULD MAKE US ALL GO DEAF….. I so want this to be […]

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Hello world!

Tweet A new blog, but not a new site, this is Real Rock and Blues.  Originally the site supported a radio programme I did for a community radio station, with the play lists and links to good bands etc. The station died, lack of funds and too many egos…….. and so did the site. But […]

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