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On This Day – Thanks for the Eggs Dad!

Tweet On this day in 1956 Jerry Lee lewis turned up at Sun records wanting to an audition, financed by his father selling 30 dozen eggs to raise the money for the trip! This was not the first time his parents had helped Jerry Lee with his musical ambitions. When he was 8 he showed […]

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On This Day – Blue Suede Shoes

Tweet On this day in 1955 one of the all time rock classics was recorded by Carl Perkins at Sun Records in Memphis. It later went on to reach number 2 in the US and number 10 in the UK. It has been covered by loads of artists including Elvis (also a Sun Recording artist) […]

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On This Day – Great Balls of Fire!

Tweet On this day in 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis released Great Balls of Fire on the Sun record label. One of the great pioneers of rock and roll Lewis came from a poor familly in Ferriday, Louisiana. He bagan playing piano while young with two of his cousins. His passion for the [iano was such […]

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On This day – Great Balls Of Fire

Tweet On this day in 1957 Jerry lee lewis recorded “Great Balls of Fire” his follow up to “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going’ On”. As you might have guessed if you have read previous posts I am a great fan of Sam Phillips and Sun Records. Not so much for the individual tracks as such more […]

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Sam Phillips Dies 30 July 2003

Tweet Sam Phillips did more than most to shape popular music in the 50s and 60s. As Owner and leading light of the mighty Sun Records he discovered or developed Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. Inpite of this roll call of talent it is easy to […]

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The Legacy of Sun Records (part 2)

Tweet I was thinking about the tv programme I saw the other day and then wrote about. I had forgotten abour Sonny Burgess and so was very pleased to be reminded (apart from the very late mid week night).  The programme was also noteable for a couple of other reasons.  Billy Lee Riley was also […]

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The Legacy of Sun Records (part 1)

Tweet Last night I got home from work late, as is normal, wanting nothing more than a meal and something mindless to watch on TV I began chanel hopping.  There I cam across a programme called The Legacy of Sun Records.  (Yesterday I noted the sale of Sun records by Sam Phillips,see  here) It was […]

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