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On This Day – Elvis Hits 3,000,000!

Tweet On this day in 1958 “Hound Dog” by Elvis exceeded 3 million sales in the US alone. His was the 3rd record to sell more than 3 million copies in the States. Any Idea of what the other 2 were? While you think about it here a clip of Elvis. Worked it out yet? […]

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On This Day – Elvis Slapped and Fights Back!

Tweet “I’ll regret this day as long as I live. I guess lots of people were waiting for this kind of thing to happen. It’s getting where I can’t even leave the house without something happening to me.” (The New York Post, October 19, 1956) So said Elvis after having an altercation with a Petrol […]

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On This day – Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Tweet 29th August 1976, Jimmy Reed died after an epileptic seizure at the age of 50. Jimmy Reed influenced many later guitarists with his distinctive sound. He also wrote many songs, perhaps the most noticeable was “Bright Lights, Big City” (a personal favourite of mine). He did not manage to get signed by Chess records […]

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On This Day – Big Joe Turner Dies

Tweet On this day in 1985 Big Joe Turner died.  Sadly, he is little remembered today but he had a huge influence on the growth of Rock and Roll. Born in 1911 Turner performed from 1920 until 1980.  A Blues shouter he played with or on the same bill as many wonderful musicians such as […]

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On This Day – Great Balls of Fire!

Tweet On this day in 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis released Great Balls of Fire on the Sun record label. One of the great pioneers of rock and roll Lewis came from a poor familly in Ferriday, Louisiana. He bagan playing piano while young with two of his cousins. His passion for the [iano was such […]

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On This Day – Bobby Darin Sings Rock Island Line

Tweet On this day in 1956 Bobby Darin made his first appearance on TV when he sings “Rock Island Line” on ‘The Stage Show’. ‘The Stage Show’ was a variety programme on CBS US TV. One of the interesting things about the show (this blog was going to be about Bobby Darin, then it was […]

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