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Rolling Stones At Hyde Park 6th July.2013

Tweet  We went to see the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park.  There is always a bit of trepidation when you see a band that you love and admire.  Will they be as good as you remember?  How will time have affected them?  Will it seem as if they are only there for the money and […]

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The Best Band You Never Heard 1

Tweet Over the last couple of weeks I have been two stonkingly good gigs. Both by the same duo Akoustic Soul. Now, I know them, but that does not mean that I am biased. I know some of the other local bands but they will not feature in this series. Akoustic Soul Are; Andrew Wilson […]

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Small Faces Reunion (well, some of them anyway).

Tweet The Small Faces will reunite to play the Vintage Festival (Goodwood August 13th). There are likely to be more dates and a tour announced in the near future. Trouble is, it isn’t really The faces. It’s Some of them. Rod Stewart will not be there (too busy) he is going to be replaced by […]

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Champion Jack Dupree

Tweet All things are connected, sort of. Yesterday I wrote about Keef Hartley because I had lost a post about him due to a problem with wordpress (too boring to explain fully, just stay with this). So last night I picked up Keef Hartley’s book Halfbreed opened it at random and started reading about Keef […]

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Commercial Radio Stations the End of Civilisation?

Tweet This is not as stupid a question as it first appears. At least, not if you think that music is important. I believe that music is one of the foundations of society. It predated written communication and probably the spoken word. Rhythm and melody is with us before we are born. Babies in the […]

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