So What is it About Wreckless Eric?

Why does Wreckless Eric deserve a Facebook appreciation society any more than any musical artist?

Is it because he has a great voice, hardly. Is it because he is a great guitarist that wrings all the emotions of your soul from six metal strings? Nope. Is it simply that he is still alive, some sort of national treasure like Johnny Rotten? No, although I am very glad he is still alive, obviously.

Wreckless deserves all the recognition and plaudits available (and more) for one simple reason. He has produced a body of work worthy of recognition as one of the greatest living songwriters to come to prominence in the late 70s. He marries his words to sparse arrangements that have the energy and directness that real rock evoked, and continues to evoke, emotional and conscious responses from his audience. He writes about real life about the pain and joy, the beauty and ugliness of the human condition.

In other words he is an artist working in music and song.

Ex art student (he thought he would meet lots of girls), rejected as a Butlinsā€˜
Redcoat (he thought that would be a way of meeting lots of girls), some time banana quality checker and packer (no girls there) he knows the human condition.

Problems with alcohol, drugs, girls, handling fame and fortune (or no fortune and more notoriety than fame) has shaped his music. From the stunning first song that demanded our attention (Whole Wide World) to Same and the magnificent 33s & 45s via Reconnez Cherie his songs have always touched and moved.

Yet, somehow, he is not an aging rock star lauded for their past with no future like so many of the heroes of that time. He remains an artist of today, still writing singing and performing.

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