On This Day – Led Zeppelin Play to Only 55 in the USA!

led zeppelinOn this day in 1969 Led Zeppelin appeared at the Wheaton Youth Center, Wheaton, Illinois.  It was their first gig on their first North American tour.

Reportedly, there were only 55 paying customers.  That would make it the smallest audience they ever played to!  From small acorns, etc.  Their fee?  $250.

Although it was the night of Richard Nixon’s inauguration I doubt if that was the reason for the poor showing…….

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4 Responses to On This Day – Led Zeppelin Play to Only 55 in the USA!

  1. Not Wheaton, Illinois, Wheaton, MARYLAND.

  2. Phil says:

    Hi Richard, just goes to prove that you can not trust the internet! Actually, it rang a bell with me when I was researching the post. So my memory is not much better!!

  3. I grew up 10 blocks from the recreation center, so I had to comment.

  4. Phil says:

    Hi Richard, I am glad that you did. Always happy to be corrected. Thank you.