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Think Floyd – The Best Band Youv’e Never Seen

Tweet We went to see Think Pink at the weekend. It is a venue that is drawing better and better bands. (Gone are the God Squad days….)  In the recent past they have hosted the excellent Blockheads and the totally wonderful Wilko Johnson. Anyway, the set list was different from last year.  The newer stuff […]

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On This day – The Dark Side Revealed!

Tweet On this day in 1972 Pink Floyd started a four-night residency (can a residency really be just 4 days?) at London’s Rainbow Theatre during which they premiered Dark Side of the Moon – and I continued to lose Floyd. During the 4 night ‘residency’ Floyd showed the forthcoming album to the world. The press […]

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On This Day – Pipers Pipe

Tweet On this day in 1967 “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” is released by Pink Floyd. This was the first album released by Pink Floyd and showcased Syd Barrett’s vision and songwriting talents. Regarded by many as an even better realisation of the quintessential English psychedelia of the time that Sgt. Pepper this […]

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