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I was going to write a post about the reissue of Maxinquay by Tricky from 1995. This in itself was a bit of a surprise as I am not into Hip Hop (or whatever the genre is called these days) however, I have kept a bit of a watching (listening) brief on Tricky. For one thing he was born bristol which is where I grew up. Secondly, his music is a bit dark and he comments on social problems.

Anyway I was looking for clips from Maxinquay, which I heartedly recommend by the way, and came across this tremendous clip. It is called Puppy Toy and is from the 2008 album Knowle West Boy (the part of Bristol he was brought up in). It shows how he has developed as a writer and performer.

An interview with Tricky.

This is from Maxinquaye.

In Summary, Maxinqaye is a welcomed reissue, although I am not sure why it went away, however, Knowle West Boy shows what grown up hip hop is all about. And for my friends who deride hip hop as not being ‘real’ music I urge you to get yourself over to Youtube and just wander around the clips of Tricky you will be converted. As Frank Zappa said there is no such thing as bad music (mind you he obviously never listened to Country and Western, or ELO!)

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