My 100 Essential Albums – The Difficult 10th.

The plot so far is I am listing my 100 essential  albums so when they come to put me in an old people’s home they know which ones to take with me! Hopefully, not for a few years yet but planning is always good. The 10th on my list of 100 essential albums was to be Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones. I had begun writing the blog to say what is so good about this album. The thing is the more I wrote about Exile on Main Street the more I realised that it did not belong in a list of my essential 100 albums. Nice to have, yes but an essential album? No.

The really odd thing is that I find that I am feeling vaguely guilty about taking this out of my essential albums list. Yes, really. How weird is that? By the time I get down to the bottom half of the list of essential albums perhaps it will reappear. But if it is not an essential album and makes it at number 90 or whatever then I do not have 100 essential albums. In the meantime I will be reviewing my essential album list, are there any more that need to be dropped? Time will tell.

Until then Here is the updated list of my essential albums;

1 Strictly Personal                                                                                Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

2 Gone Ant Gone                                                                                  Tim Fite

3 Horses                                                                                                 Patti Smith

4 Music From a Dolls House                                                              Family

5 Trout Mask Replica                                                                           Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

6 Transformer                                                                                       Lou Reed

7 The Original                                                                                       Ray Charles

8 Disraeli Gears                                                                                    Cream

9 George Thorogood and the Destroyers                                        George Thorogood and the Destroyers

10 Velvet Underground with Nico                                                     Velvet Underground with Nico

11 The Great 28                                                                                    Chuckles Berry

12 The Complete Recordings                                                            Robert Johnson

13 Led Zeppelin                                                                                   Led Zeppelin

14 Bitches Brew                                                                                  Miles Davis

15 It’s A Beautiful Day                                                                      It’s A Beautiful Day

16 Punk Single Collection                                                               The Adverts

17 Berlin                                                                                             Lou Reed

18 We’re only in it for The Money                                                Mothers of Invention

19 Howlin’ Wolf                                                                               Howlin’ Wolf

20 Go                                                                                                 Bo Diddley

21 Songs for Swinging Lovers                                                      Frank Sinatra

22 The Heart of Saturday Night                                                  Tom waits

23 Bringing it All Back Home                                                      Bob Dylan

24 Let It Bleed                                                                                 Rolling Stones

25 Revolver                                                                                     The Beatles

26 The Rise & fall of Ziggy Stardust etc.                                   David Bowie

27 The Anthology                                                                          Muddy Waters

28 Live at the Regal                                                                     BB King

29 Marquee Moon                                                                      Television

30 Back in Black                                                                         AC/DC

31 Raw Power                                                                              Iggy and the Stooges

32 Freak Out                                                                              The Mothers of Invention

33 American Beauty                                                                 Grateful Dead

34 Closing Time                                                                         Tom Waits

35 Stripped                                                                                 Rolling Stones

36 With Eric Clapton                                                               John Mayall Blues Breakers

37 Nick of Time                                                                         Bonny Raitt

38 Ramones                                                                              Ramones

39 Saucerful of Secrets                                                           Pink Floyd

40 In the Court of the Crimson King                                  King Crimson

41 Those About to Die                                                           Coliseum

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