On This day – The Beatles Hit our TV Screens

beatles1On this day in 1962 The Beatles make it onto the small screen.  They were on a local TV station “Granada” that broadcasts to the North West of England.  The show is a local news programme with a magazine format called ‘People and Places’.  On the programme they sang 2 songs live ‘Some Other Guy’ and ‘Love Me Do’.  Sadly, there is no recording of the show or any of the other 4 appearances they made on local TV in 1962.

It now seems hard to believe that in 1962 singing 2 songs on a poxy little local TV show was a big deal for the Fab Four.  5 TV outings in 1962 then 30 in 1963, including their first on the BBC (13 April 1963, ‘625 Special’) things really began top pick up for the lads.  By the way, their first appearance on US TV was not broadcast until 3rd January 1964.  It was a performance of ‘She Loves You’ filmed by the BBC in August ’64 and sold on to The Jack Paar Show.

Their second appearance on TV (for the same show) was recorded on 29th October and broadcast on 2nd November – by which time they were in Hamburg, for the second time.

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