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La Toya was Right Michael Jackson Murdered

Tweet Back in June, just after his death Lat Toya Michael Jackson’s sister claimed that he had been murdered. It wuld seem that she was right. The death certificate was amended on August 31st by the medical examiner, Christopher Rogers, the cause of death now reads ‘homicide’. It talks of “acute Propofol intoxication” and “intravenous […]

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Michael Jackson Speaks!

Tweet So the seance with Derek Acorah and the Tweance with Jayne Wallace have come and gone. What did he have to say, what was his message to the world? He told Jayne Wallace that he was singing ‘Heal the World’ when he was contacted and was sorry that he could not fulfill the gigs […]

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This Is It! Today’s the Day Michael Jackson to Speak to Derek Acorah

Tweet Finally, it seems like it has been a long time coming, Derek Acorah will attempt to reach Michael Jackson this Friday tonight at 10.00pm on Sky 1 (UK time). The Live Seance will be presented by Acorah and June Sarpong. As far as I can tell Sarpong is a pretty TV presenter good at […]

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Derek Acorah, Michael Jackson, Nothing New Under The Sun

Tweet Derek Acorah filming a seance and trying to contact Michael Jackson is not the first time programmes for TV have been made in which mediums have tried to reach the departed famous. (my original post here) In 2006 a pay to view TV seance programme was made in which the object was to contact […]

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Derek Acorah’s Michael Jackson Seance

Tweet I honestly do not know what to say about this story. Derek Acorah, a TV medium (he says that he contacts the spirits of the the departed) is to hold a seance and contact Michael Jackson’s spirit. My position on spiritualism is quite simple. I believe that when you are gone you are gone. […]

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