On This Day – The Kinks Hit The USA, at Last!

After a 4 year ban the inks started their second US tour on this day in 1969.

The origins of the ban have been said to be the rowdy behaviour of the band and their fans during the first tour in 1964. There was some comment that the ban was in some way connected to Mick Avory trying to kill Ray Davies on stage in Cardiff on 19th May ’65 (He hit RD with his hi hat symbol stand. Avory then fled the stage thinking that he had killed RD).

the truth was more financial than physical, however. During the first tour the Kinks wanted to employ non unionised labour handling the lights and such As a result the American Federation of Musicians de-listed them – in affect banning them and the banned were not de-listed until’69.

It is true that the first tour was a rowdy affair, fights, manager trouble (their manager dumped them in LA and went off to promote Sonny & Cher in England). The concerts were also pretty dire, at least at the start of the tour. It is a shame that the ban was not about rowdy behaviour, it would have more of a ring to it rather than a rather grubby money thing. Shame.

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