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On This Day – Chas Newby Joins The Beatles 17th December 1960

Tweet When The Beatles returned from their first stint in Hamburg Sutcliffe decided to stay behind. That gave them a problem, no bass player. Pete best suggested a friend Chas Newby. Newby joined The Beatles on stage for the first time on this day in 1960. The first of 4 gigs he played with them […]

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On This Day – Carol Dryden Posts Herself, to The Beatles!

Tweet 14th June 1964.  A girl, Carol Dryden tried to post herself to The Beatles. (Luckily she did not suffer the same fate as Waldo Jeffers in The Gift by The Velvet Underground). Although there are plenty of references to the incident the details are vague.  The basic story is that a girl known as […]

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On This Day – Johnny and The Moondogs

Tweet On this day in 1959 Johnny and The Moondogs played an audition for a talent show. Sadly they did not win. Why should we be bothered about a failed band? Simply because they later became The Silver Beetles, then The Silver Beats and eventually The Beatles. It seems that Lennon took names seriously as […]

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The Stone Roses to Reform – You Heard it First Here!

Tweet In fact, you probably did not hear it here first, it is all over the media. Even in the Daily Mail (that well known organ obviously has its finger on the pulse of Yooth Kulture). That being inspite of a press conference being set for Tuesday 18th October to make “an announcement”. It now […]

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On This day – The Beatles Entertain The Royals

Tweet On this day in 1963  The Beatles topped the bill at The Royal Variety Show at The Prince Of Wales Theatre, London.   The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret were in the audience.  The event was made famous by John Lennon with his famous remark “In the cheaper seats you clap your hands. The rest […]

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On This day – The Beatles Hit our TV Screens

Tweet On this day in 1962 The Beatles make it onto the small screen.  They were on a local TV station “Granada” that broadcasts to the North West of England.  The show is a local news programme with a magazine format called ‘People and Places’.  On the programme they sang 2 songs live ‘Some Other […]

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On This Day – Ravi is 90!

Tweet Ravi Shankar celebrates his 90th birthday today. Best known by the wider western world for his connection with George Harrison and the Beatles Ravi is a master of the sitar. He has received 3 Grammys, played with Yehudi Menuhin. He is a great performer, he is also a noted composer, teacher and writer. Certainly […]

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A New One From Jacko, Old Ones From The Beatles

Tweet A new single from Michael Jackson will be released on 12th October. Whether it would have been released if he was still alive I do not know. In the last week the Beatles sold 2.5 million (remastered) albums in the US, UK, and Japan. A spokes person for EMI said “Beatlemania has returned, with […]

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Beatlemania to Sweep The World! (again)

Tweet There is going to be a worldwide growth in fabness. Mop tops will be back in fashion and lovable Liverpudlian accents everywhere. At least according to the media including a simpering Sunday Times this week, the reason? The Beatles’ albums have been remastered and reissued together with a magnificent box set. The box set […]

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