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Nipper – The First Dog of Music

Tweet Ever wondered about the dog that graced RCA Victor records? His name was Nipper and he was born in Bristol in 1884. He died 11 years later but his image is indelibly imprinted on our minds. There have been suggestions that he was a fox terrier or an American Pit Bull (even a dalmatian) […]

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On This Day – Love Me Tender (again and again 856,327 times)

Tweet On this day in 1956 RCA Victor announced a huge number of advance orders for “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley. Only a couple of days ago it was the anniversary of Emile Berliner inventing the gramophone. In 1956 the record company that he co-founded with Eldridge Johnson was going from strength to strength. […]

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Arrival on This Day – Helen Shapiro

Tweet Helen Shapiro was born on this day in 1946. Helen was a very popular young singer in the early 60s (she was only 14 when she had her first number one in the UK). The Beatles’ first UK tour was as a support act for her. When she was 14 she had her first […]

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On This Day – Daltrey Sacked, Burrell Hired.

Tweet On this day in 1965 Roger Daltrey thumped Keith Moon (an ambition for many who knew the ‘lovable’ Moon) and he was sacked from the Who! The band was ending an european tour playing 2 final concerts in Denmark. There was a band wide arguement and Daltrey popped Moon. Instead of thinking that Daltrey […]

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On This Day – Bessie Dies After Being Turned Away from Hospital.

Tweet On this day in 1937 Bessie Smith, the great blues singer was in a car that was involved in an accident. She had her left arm almost torn off in the accident. After a delay of 25 minutes (and another accident during which a car plowed in to the attending doctor’s car) Bessie was […]

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On This Day 26th September 1887- Thanks Emile

Tweet This day in 1887 was one of the great days of popular music. Emile Berliner who emigrated from Germany to the USA when he was 26 applied for a patent for his invention, the gramophone. This was the first machine to play discs and not the wax cylinders. He solved the problem of getting […]

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On This Day – John Bonham Found Dead

Tweet On this day in 1980 John Bonham was found dead at Jimmy Page’s house. Led Zep were practicing and preparing for another tour of the USA and JB had relaxed for the previous day. The relaxation took the form of 40 shots of vodka, inb 4 hours. Not surprisingly he lost conciousness. The drummer […]

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The best Band You Never Heard – The Singing Postman

Tweet I began to thinking the other day about someone who was quite big in 1966, infact he outsold the Beatles and the Stones, well, for one week anyway. That man was the singing postman AKA Alan Smethurst. He really was a postman. He lived in and loved Norfolk, its people, its dialect and its […]

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On This Day – The Byrds Play on Their Own Record!

Tweet On this day in 1965 The Byrds began recording “Turn! Turn! Turn!”. The main differenece between this recording and their first hit “Mr Tambourine Man” is that they all p[layed on the abysmal “Turn! Turn! Turn!”.  On their first single only Jim Guinn had played all the other instruments being played by session men.  […]

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On This day – Keith Moon

Tweet On this day in 1978 Keith Moon died. He overdosed on a drug called Heminevrin. Ironically this had been prescribed to help him over alcohol withdrawal symptoms. “Moon the Loon” joined The Who in 1964 after Doug Samden left and played on all their albums from “My Generation” (1865) to “Who Are You” released […]

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