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On this day – Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen released in the UK

Tweet 1977, The Sex Pistols released a song to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (God bless her, guv – Some Americans seem to think we all talk like Dick Van Dyke, for some reason). Apparently, the establishment did not get the reference within the song. “God save the queen, She […]

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ON This Day – Brittain Needs A Fascist Dictator! David Bowie

Tweet On this day in 1976 Bowie gave an interview in which he said that Britain would benefit from having a dictator and that he would be good at it. He also said that Hitler was the first rock star and that Hitler drew more fans than Jagger. Then there were the stories about his […]

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On This Day – Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You The Nerk Twins!

Tweet On this day in 1960 The Nerk Twins played a couple of gigs at the Fox and Hounds in Caversham.  As these were the only bookings fulfilled by the Nerk Twins that in itself would merit an ‘On This Day’ mention,  the more so that the location was the world famous Fox and Hounds. […]

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On This Day – One Hit, No Wonder Laurie!

Tweet On this day in 1958 Laurie London hit the number one spot in the USA with “He’s Got The Whole World n His Hands”. It was the one and only time he troubled the top 100 in the states, or any else, much – although he might have been quite big in Germany…. Laurie […]

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On This Day – Ashes to Ashes Jerry Garcia

Tweet On this day in 1996 some of Jerry Garcia’s ashes were scattered into the bay by the Golden Gate Bridges, San Francisco. The rest had been scattered into the Ganges river at Rishikesh on 4th April (Rishikesh being a holy place for hindus at the foot of the Himalayas and where the Ganges leaves […]

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On This Day – The Stones, Decadent and Awful!

Tweet On this day in 1976 the Rolling Stones played 2 concerts in the Palace of Culture and Science building in Warsaw, Poland as part of their European tour. It was the first time the Stones had played behind the Iron Curtain. It was also the last tour that included Brian Jones. The tickets were handed […]

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On This Day – Nat King Cole Attacked

Tweet On this day in 1956 Nat King Cole was attacked while on stage in Birmingham Alabama. He was attacked by a group of white segregationists (otherwise known as scum “Stupid Caucasian Uneducated Morons”).  They were upset that a couple of years before there had been a landmark ruling (Brown Vs Board of Education).  That […]

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On This Day – Sonny Boy Arrives, For The First Time

Tweet On this day in 1914 Sonny Boy Williamson was born. Sonny Boy was a hugely influential blues harmonica player. Arguably all the present blues harmonica players have been influenced to a greater or lesser extent. None more so than Sonny Boy Williamson. In fact Sonny Boy Williamson was so influential that Sonny Boy Williamson […]

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On This Day – Lou Bitten

Tweet On this day in 1973 Lou Reed was playing in Buffalo, New York. A fan scrambled up on stage shouted “Leather!” and bit Lou on the Bum. OK, so it is not the most important ‘On This Day’ that I will ever write but I did miss Lou’s birthday (2nd March) and so will […]

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My 100 Essential Albums – 15 – It’s A Beautiful Day , by It’s A Beautiful Day

Tweet It’s A Beautiful Day , a supreme summer of love album, with attitude Released in 1969 this is a tremendous album that rewards repeated listening and I can not imagine being parted from it for any length of time.  Perhaps that is a quick definition of an essential album.  When I picked up the […]

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